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Summer & Bikinis

I have such a large collection of bikinis, it is starting to be concerning. I just always buy them, not matter the time of year. If I find one I love I can’t seem to bring myself to say no. I buy them in winter and fall for motivation to keep working out, and in spring and summer for the obvious reasons. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a new one. I have a belief that a bikini is good for MAYBE 2 seasons and then after that they should be retired. I am sure that’s not a science, but I think 2 years is plenty. Therefore, I need a solid rotation so I always have ample amount to get me through the vacays, beach visits, and pool side hang outs.

I have an obsession with Triangl. They are the most secure bikinis out there and are absolutely perfect for the beach if you tend to do more than just tan. They are great for kayaking and paddle boarding, and anything that you are afraid to loose your bottoms on. But they also look super hot while being comfy and safe. I always have this concern. Both this Triangle and this one are absolutely killer. I can’t wait to order one!

Now I always go for Victoria Secret swimwear because of their decent price tags and ability to mix and match so many different colors while still coordinating pieces pretty perfectly. This VS is absolutely ADORABLE. I love how unique it is. While it probably isn’t the best for tan lines that doesn’t make it not amazing. This one is a bit more practical. It is small so makes tanning perfect which I always tend to lean towards. I wear my smallest bikini towards the beginning then switch to other ones when I have a good tan going 🙂

I have never owned an Aerie bikini until recently and I don’t know why it took me so long! I now have an addiction. It is seriously the most comfortable and flattering bikini I own, but also is a fraction of the price of each of the ones above. I can’t believe I have gone this long without owning one. The next one on my list is this one! So perfect!

Please share any of your favorites below! I am all ears in the next brand I should look towards!


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