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Blogger Tips & Polette Review

I am going to do a little something different and new today on Sugar & Something. I am going to start out with some ‘business’ and tips and close it out with something more, a review on these totally sassy glasses! There is a little something for everyone!!
Eyewear: c/o Polette
I am coming up on my year of fashion and lifestyle blogging. I have actually been blogging a lot longer that a year, but this is my new journey. It has taken me this entire year, and probably will continue to take time, to perfect my organization when it comes to my blog. It is hard! Working with brands, keeping up with post expectations, giveaways, collaborations, networking, etc. It takes much more time that I seem to have in any given day to keep Sugar & Something on track. So I have come up with some little helpful tips that I have picked up along the way:
1. Keep a Calendar! I started with a To Do list and that quickly become way too long to keep. Any type of calendar. I use my iCalendar on my Mac. I schedule posts about 2 weeks ahead of time and make sure if anything changes I record the change. I can’t be expected to remember everything in my blog life, work life and social life- so I write it down.
2.  Be sure of your brand! I can’t tell you how difficult it is to change your brand up down the road. I started as a DIY, crafting, baking blog and now am almost 100% fashion. Changing that was So difficult. My readers and audience changed, my branding changed and the way I went about everything in the backend of my blog changed. I am glad I made the change but going for what I really wanted all along would have been so much easier from the get go- then rebranding! Trust me. It’s a lot of work.
3. Be transparent. This one is something I only recently started to be concerned about. When I first started blogging I was so about working with brands and companies because I thought it would make me a “real” blogger. Now I am the first one to step up and back up my brand. I only accept the best from my readers and will not put something on my blog that I am not comfortable with. Going along with that I am the first one to email my concerns to the company. You would be surprised how appreciative they are and want to hear REAL feedback.
Now onto the fun with these glasses! You can’t tell me these aren’t the sassiest pieces of eyewear you’ve ever seen!
I don’t know if you know this about me but I collect glasses. In every shape, size, color, etc. I love reading glasses, sunglasses, everything. The great thing about companies like Polette is you can have this glasses addiction like I do- but your wallet won’t feel the pain. I can’t get over this company. A lot of discount eyewear companies have very minimal selections too- but they have so many adorably chic styles! Now I won’t be posting a million pictures of me sporting these glasses (this time) because I’ll be honest, I look like a total hipster. But I love them and they are so comfortable! But that is the great part of Polette! Even if these particular pairs aren’t the ones for me…I can go try another pair that are!
The Polette team is such a pleasure to work with. They strive to make sure their consumers are happy. It is seldom to run across a company that is so on top of communication but they really are. When it took a little longer that I expected for delivery they were available to check on the status in a moments notice and keep me updated. That is a company that I want to continue a relationship with!
Instagram: @poletteeyewear
Twitter: @poletteeyewear

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Clarisonic- My Review

“Happy Girls Are The Prettiest”

Over the past year or so I have been told by too many people to count that I NEEDED to buy a Clarisonic. Now if you know me- you’ll know I am big into referrals. If someone comes to me raving about a product, a deal, or anything I am already in my car on my way to spend my money. I trust people to tell me what I should buy. I am a marketing specialists dream. I buy into pretty products, shiny items, and anything that is bright and new. For once it took a little convincing to buy a product though. I have never had bad skin. (not trying to brag) Truthfully I was blessed in that department. Yes I have the occasional breakout, but for the most part I have pretty tame skin. It’s a tad bit oily but controllable. That’s why I never thought I needed to spend more than $100 bucks on a skin care product. I already spent money on nicer cleansers, why up the price for a device. Then my best friend got one.

She raved about it constantly and told me how sad she was when she left it at her beach house and had to last 5 whole days without it. Okay…I must be missing something. There must be something magical about this product. So I broke down and got it during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It was $150 for the Mia 2 with 2 brush heads, a charger, and a large bottle of cleanser. That was possible the best day of my life.
My boyfriend can attest to the fact that I impatiently await for when it’s time to get ready for bed because it’s my “clarisonic” time. I can’t wait to get ready for work because it’s my “clarisonic” time. All in all “clarisonic” time is my favorite time of the day. I’ve only owned it for a little over a week and I can already feel the difference. My skin feels tight and clean. I never thought of my skin feeling “loose” but the difference that this product makes is so noticeable even after the first time, I am left wondering what the other cleansers even did. For anyone that is thinking of making the jump and spending the money, I HIGHLY recommend it. Yes I know it is a big chunk of change- but isn’t your skin worth it? It’s on you for the rest of you life, so start treating it like the royalty it is.

BYE BYE Old Cleansers! Hello Clarisonic! (Click here)

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