Hiking & Albion Fit

Leroy wanted to get in on the fun too!
Capris : c/o Albion Fit | Top: Fabletics | Sneakers: Under Armour

There is nothing more hilarious than trying to look “fabulous” while on a hike through the woods, but with Albion and their “Go Capri” you can’t really not look fabulous… I am definitely a huge proponent of yoga pants. Yes, I may be a fashion blogger but I love my comfort. When I am running errands or making a quick trip somewhere I like to throw on a good pair of yoga pants or capris. Now with these Antiqua Cobalts even at my most comfortable, I also look fashionable. It’s the best of both worlds for a girl like me. Also they are really stiff- which at first I was weary about but then I realized my biggest complaint with yoga pants are they stretch out by the time I am done with my run or workout. These don’t do that! They stay their shape and it is a miracle. I never want to own another pair of leggings- why would I?

Now for the best part!? You and your best friend can win a pair, each! Hop on over to my Instagram @SugarByLindsay 
Or use discount code ‘sugarandalbion15’ for 15% off!

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